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The 40th anniversary in 2021(6)


2020 Year-end party(6)


The 39th anniversary in 2020(6)


2019 Year-end party(1)

2019 Company fall picnic(1)(7)


2019 Year-end party(4)


2018 Year-end party(1)(4)


2018 Company fall picnic(1)(5)

37th Foundation anniversary on 2018(1)(10)


2018 Company spring picnic(1)(5)


2017 Year-end party(1)(5)


2017 Company fall picnic(1)(3)

The 36th anniversary in 2017(1)(9)


2016 Year-end party(1)(4)


2016 Company winter picnic(1)(4)


2016 Company fall picnic(1)(4)

The 35th anniversary in 2016(1)(11)


2015 Year-end party(1)(3)


2015 Company fall picnic(1)(5)


34th Foundation anniversary on 2015(1)(13)

2014 Year-end party(1)(33)


2014 Company fall picnic(1)(2)


33th Foundation anniversary on 2014(1)(9)


2014 Company summer picnic(1)(20)

2013 Year-end party(1)(13)


32th Foundation anniversary on 2013(1)(12)


2012 Year-end party(1)(2)


31th Foundation anniversary on 2012(1)(3)

2012 Company spring picnic(1)(2)


2011 Year-end party(1)(2)


30th Foundation anniversary on 2011(1)(2)


2010 Year-end party(1)(2)

29th Foundation anniversary on 2010(1)(2)


2010 Company spring picnic(1)(2)


2009 Year-end party(1)(2)


28th Foundation anniversary on 2009(1)(2)

27th Foundation anniversary on 2008(1)(2)


2007 Year-end party(1)(2)


26th Foundation anniversary on 2007(1)(1)


2007 Company spring picnic(1)(3)

2006 Year-end party(1)(3)


25th Foundation anniversary on 2006(1)(4)


2005 Year-end party(1)(3)


24th Foundation anniversary on 2005(1)(3)

2005 Company fall picnic(1)(2)


2004 Year-end party(1)(2)


23th Foundation anniversary on 2004(1)(1)


2004 Company spring picnic(1)(1)

2003 Year-end party(1)(2)


Guest Lecture in 2003(1)


2003 Company spring picnic(1)(2)


ISO Training in 2003(1)

22th Foundation anniversary on 2003(1)(3)


2002 Year-end party(1)(2)


2001Year-end party(1)(2)


20th Foundation anniversary on 2001(1)(3)

2001 Company fall picnic(1)(2)


2000 Year-end party(1)(2)


Customer Satisfaction Seminar in 2000(1)


2000 Company fall picnic(1)(2)

1999 Year-end party(1)(1)


1998 Company spring picnic(1)(1)


1997 Company fall picnic(1)(1)


1996 Company fall picnic(1)(2)

Fall Athletics Competition in 1991(1)

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