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Why do the doctors in America strongly recommend the photo plasma ?
This is very different from the regular air purifier.
The air purification technology produces the photo plasma on air, and by breaking the air oxygen and moisture (water) molecule, the oxygen ions and hydroxide ions are produced.
Deep, broad UV light and photo catalyst is integrated and by making the Photo (light) plasma, and photochemical reactions, Ions generated by photo oxidation, the clean air which is essential to the human body is produced. This purifier spread to the indoor and it cleanses the polluted and contaminated air. This principle is basically similar to the method that the nature uses the plant and sun for self-cleaning. The occurred oxygen ions can be barely seen in the clean and pure nature.
The air conditioners, air handling units, the ventilation system internal air conditioner induct
BioZone UVGI(Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) which is strongly recommended by the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Committee(ASHRAE) located in America and by Review Committee of green building.
The serious contamination problems in the air conditioning system!
The advantages after installation
1. The removal of the Food odors, smoke odors, mildew odors
2. The sterilization effect of the harmful bacteria, filamentous fungi, virus
3. It maintains the cleanliness in the duct and the equipment (the ideal product to the clean air conditioners and the clean duct).
4. It inhibits the mass infection and the growth of the harmful bacteria.
5. The cost-effective maintenance per year (Only one time of the lamp's replacement per year is needed)
6. Very low cost of power consumption (compared to other products, the minimum power consumption)
7. By maintaining the clean air, the real estate values rise
Achieving both sterilization and purifying the air in the room
Internet cafe, karaoke, restaurant, home, office and other store buildings
The air purifier "basic" model! The air purifier "Air Care" model!
1. It solves the problem of the smoke odors, food odors in the room
2. It solves the problem of the mildew odors in the basement
3. It solves the problem of sick house syndrome
4. It removes the chemical substances orders (paint, adhesive, volatile organic carbon)
5. It is strongly recommended to the children who are apt to catch cold
1. The most appropriate model for public toilets
2. Extremely effective for the replacement of the fragrance
3. 불쾌한 All places where an unpleasant smell occurs 발생하는 모든 장소
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