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The trace of AR will be the history
of korean HVAC field
1981. 09 Establish Hanil Engineering Inc.
1982. 02 Acquired specialized construction business (Mechanical work business: Seoul 82-12-105)
1984. 05 Move head office and factory (Eunhang-li 248-16, Sorae-eup, Siheung-goon, Gyeunggi-do)
1984. 06 Acquired refrigerator manufacture license(Siheung-si No.84-1)
1987. 07 Change corp. into Hanil Plant Eng. Co., Ltd.
1987. 08 Register factory(No.221099)
1993. 07 Move head office and factory to newly constructed building (Sihwa smart hurb 3da-709, Siheung-si)
1995. 04 Establish annex research institute (AR institute of technology)
1995. 05 Join the Korea Standards Association
1996. 12

QC Certification(ISO 9001)

1997. 03 Selected Bluechip Medium and Small Enterprises
1998. 04 Joined the Incheon Kyunggi Machinery Industry Cooperative